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Professional Contractors

Our business with professionals in concrete contracting and construction contracting has proven our reputation far and wide. We sell in individual pieces up to any amount you may require for a major construction project or a personal building endeavor.   

  By supplying many different grades and sizes to best fit the need of contractors and individual DIY projects we have proven many great relationships in over 20 years in business

We have been suppliers of quality specialty plywood at competitive prices to make your projects affordable and efficient. Our very attractive one or two sided overlay plywood also provides for weather resistant material. A variety of options in lengths and thicknesses range from 7/16" to 1 3/8" in 4x8, 4x9 and 4x10 sheets. The density in this 100% douglas fir plywood provides for strength and durability as well as our regular spruce and fir plywood at very competitive pricing

Products - Formply 

Over the years we have forged many productive relationships including many beekeepers all across western Canada. They report that this 100% douglas fir plywood with high density overlay formply takes on a new meaning as they construct bee boxes, nukes, box lids, bottoms, pallets, trailer decks and much more. HDO formply is made to withstand harsh weather conditions and besides outlasting other plywood products, this overlay provides for easy clean up of debris and wax from bee boxes. Many beekeepers swear by this product and they say HDO formply is designed for honey bee operations.

- Specialty Plywood
- Dimensional Lumber
- Concrete Forming


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